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An what equipment to choose when hunting for big fish? Here anglers agree: a reel with a free spool should ensure success. Thanks to it, the line extends slowly and evenly, which allows you to hold the fish. Reels also differ from each other due to the spool. On the market there are those with a fixe spool or an ordinary multiplier. Types of reels What are the opinions of Corona Fishing? The issues of the basics of reel construction are already behind us. We mentione that the reels are similarly built. However, there are different types of such devices on the market.

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Some are perfect for catching large fish, others will be perfect for smaller ones – emphasize Corona Fishing experts. Opinions about reels vary. So it’s time to get acquainte with the different types of reels. There are several solutions to choose China Business Fax List from, and the reels can be divide into four different types, depending on whether they have a movable spool and where the drag is locate. A reel with a movable spool It is use in spinning, fly and sea fishing. It has no bail or guide, so the spool can rotate. It is characterize by a ratio, which means that one turn of the spool is automatically one turn of the reel.

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The construction is very simple – this reel usually does not have a brake, and the quality of its work depends primarily on the bearing itself. It is worth noting here that their quantity is not the most important issue. Fixe spool reel IS Lists It will also find its use in spinning fishing, but also float, ground or feeer fishing. This is one of the most frequently chosen types of reel and it is recommende primarily to those anglers who are just starting their adventure. Remember that the principle of operation is slightly different than in the case of reels with a movable spool, because the line is wound on the spool with the help of a rotor. Models of this type are most often equippe with an additional brake.

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