Oct 17, 2023
Is Ad Blocking Killing the Web

If you’re like me, you might hate intrusive ads popping up left and right while exploring the internet. If you’re also like me and 69 million other americans, you’ve probably downloaded some type of ad blocking software to make your online journey more enjoyable. It’s estimated that by 2017, 86.6 million people in the us will be using ad blocking software, according to an emarketer report.

Ad block growthad block lost revenue

With the growth of ad block comes the decline of advertising revenue and a massive headache for both advertisers and publishers. In fact, according to research firm ovum, publishers lost $24 billion in global revenue due to ad blocking last year. The losses are predicted to reach almost $80 billion by 2020 as consumers jump on the blocking trend. As people block ads, publishers lose out on impression opportunities that used to be certain. One thing is for sure though, ad blocking technology isn’t going to vanish anytime soon and advertisers need to re-think their online messaging before they’re blocked out entirely.

Ad block software was first introduced in 2006 but didn’t see much

use until recent years. It’s still more common for people to use ad block on their desktops. In fact, 90.5% of ad blocking users will block ads how to buy bulk phone numbers on desktops and laptops while just 29.7% will do so on smartphones. Senior emarketer analyst paul verna says this is because “screen sizes are large enough to accommodate multiple ads. This includes videos that might be out of view but still audible, which are especially annoying to users.”

The software, usually able to download for free, allows consumers to block almost every ad that would potentially be served to them during their time online. It only takes seconds to install the extension which currently runs on almost every single browser including chrome, safari, and firefox. The ease and free cost makes ad blocking software a no brainer for annoyed internet users. The question then becomes how can publishers and advertisers battle ad block to continuing serving their messages and advertisements.

In a strange twist of blocks many publishers are now blocking

People who have their ad blocking software enabled.

Wired, forbes, gq, and the new york times are a few of. The major players who have resorted to turning away those using .Ad block or asking them to pay a small subscription fee. Wired released this statement. When it announced earlier this year that it would start blocking those users.

“on an average day, more than 20 IS Lists percent of the traffic to wired.Com comes. From a reader who is blocking our ads. We know that you come. To our site primarily to read our content, but it’s important to be. Clear that advertising is how we keep wired going: paying the writers, editors, designers, engineers. And all the other staff that works so hard to create. The stories you read and watch here.”

Wired ad block

Forbes also blocked users from entering the site until they disabled their ad blocking software in late 2015. In exchange for allowing ads, forbes promised those ad blockers an ad-light experience.

Forbes ad block

Pay to be paid
The price they paid has not been disclosed, but white listing smaller sites is a relatively small fee. The problem with this method is that it only raises the costs for everyone involved in the process.

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Oct 17, 2023
Brands Looking to Implement Snapchat

The next stage in a content strategy should be the editing stage. Don’t get confused between this stage and the progress update stage. The main difference between these two stages this that when the content reaches the editing stage, it should be completed; you might call it a “first draft.” this can also sometimes be called the “approval stage.”

Whether you’re writing for a client or your own company, you’ll most likely have to get your content approved by someone else. This telephone list stage in the content strategy is necessary to ensure that what’s being distributed is exactly what everyone wants. This also gives the content a chance to be reviewed by more than just one person. It’s easy to overlook mistakes; having multiple people look at the content will give it a better chance to be mistake free.

The final thought on this stage is about time. Just like the time it took to create the content, allow a good amount of time to edit the piece as well. Remember, this is a time to look for mistakes, but also give it back to the creator so they can make the necessary changes. This process might go on multiple times until the final copy is approved.

Just like deciding what type of content you want to create

Where you want to publish it is an important decision as well. This also ties back into the voice and image of your brand. Try asking yourself these questions if you’re wondering where to distribute your content.

Where is your audience?

Similar to defining the goal, try to place your content in front of the people willing to engage with it. If you have a spike in site traffic on a particular day of the week, think about publishing your content on that day.

Distribution is an essential part of a content strategy that should be determined in the beginning. Think about this when beginning the creation process. It’s also important to be able to track the success of your content, so make sure that wherever you’re distributing. Your content that its performance is measurable in some way.

What’s the goal of the content

This final stage is the hardest stage for a piece of content to go through. Many times businesses will want numbers or an roi for content. However, depending on its purpose, sometimes the results of content production can’t be measured. I recommend that instead of thinking of a return on the content, try looking. At the engagement the piece receives (I.E. How many post clicks, email opens, views). The reviewing stage should provide insights into future content.

If you see positive engagement with blog articles, but no one’s downloading. A whitepaper, think about producing more blog articles and. Try distributing them in more places to gain a following.

To tie everything together, the reviewing IS Lists stage should flow directly back into the creation phase. Use this time to discuss ideas for future content based on the performance of the content you’re reviewing.

These five stages of a content strategy are guidelines to help you stay organized and on track in the production of your content. Having a system in place will help prevent gaps between publishing dates. Staying consistent is a major factor in gaining a loyal following.

Creating content takes time and energy but don’t let that stop you from delivering quality material to your clients or customers. Use content with a purpose and start spreading the word about your brand. Remember to download our content calendar template if you want to see how these five stages work together in one document.

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Oct 17, 2023
You Know Where Your Content Is

If you’re a company or agency looking to promote your name or the name of your clients, creating a content strategy should be an important part of your marketing plan. It sounds easy, right? A blog post here and there, maybe a case study for sales material, maybe a video if you have the equipment. While all of these are great ideas, most of. The time this content dies before they’re even created.

People are busy, you’re busy, I’m busy – and if it’s not your job to produce. Content on a daily basis, you’re probably not thinking about. Topics for your next downloadable whitepaper. Trying to fit content creation into your already busy. Schedule is a challenge, and to throw another wrinkle into the mix, getting everyone in your office. To help out can be like dragging a toddler, kicking and screaming, to school in the morning.

Download our content calendar template

In my blog today, I’m going to outline a basic content strategy and walk you through the five stages that every piece of content should go through in its life cycle: creation, progress updates, editing, distribution, and review. I’ve also included a template of a monthly content calendar that you can download if you’d like to follow along.

As we discuss the creation of content, it’s important to keep in mind the definition of content. By the online standards today, content can phone leads for sale exist in many different shapes and styles. Everything from a weekly video to a company newsletter can be considered valuable content when created with a purpose.

The first step in the creation stage is to decide which type of content you’d like to produce. I’m not going to dive too deep into this right now, but the important thing to remember here is that different types of content will fit your business’s voice and tone better than others. Also, certain pieces of content will take longer to create than others.

Every piece of content that you produce should have one goal. This is very important; whether it’s as simple as a producing a daily snapchat story or writing an ebook, nail down what that particular piece of content is trying to accomplish. This will make your time creating the piece faster and more worthwhile.

Progress update stage

Second, give yourself or who’s ever creating the content appropriate time. Give the person enough time to research, outline, and produce a quality piece of content that your clients/customers will enjoy. A content strategy should be created IS Lists with the element of time as an important factor.

The life of an editor is tough.  This deadline is important in the life cycle of a piece of content for different reasons.

First, progress updates keep everyone on track to finish on time. Obviously, this is important when a manager or editor has a schedule they have to keep to. Second, these updates are a chance to redirect the content if you feel it’s going off track. There should be enough time between this date and the flight date to make the necessary changes.

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Oct 17, 2023
How to Nail Fourth of July Advertising

The fourth of july is over; that means the long weekend. Has come to an end and life in the office has begun once more. I apologize if that’s news to some of you, but for many of us, we had. To trade in our trunks for dress pants and start our work week.

But before you get situated behind your desk, I don’t see why we. Can’t have a little more fun. So let’s transition from fireworks. To paperwork together by taking a look at some of this. Year’s brands that made a splash in their advertising during the fourth of july.

Nathan’s famous hot dogs

I can’t speak for everyone, but if you’re like me, watching the nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest is a tradition that’s a mixture of exciting, disgusting, and mesmerizing. This year, american’s “most famous frank” turned 100 years old and it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t stop and appreciate this monumental occasion.

While the hot dog eating contest is a holiday tradition, it’s also a major advertising opportunity that has been promoting brand loyalty for a call lists century. Take a second and watch this year’s record breaking performance.

Nathan’s is also a prime example of a brand producing quality content that it’s followers enjoy. Simple infographics and fast facts are a great way to share content in a quick and easily understandable way to an audience.

In this short video, john cena speaks about patriotism. As he walks through a picturesque american small-town, he asks people to picture the average american and then explains the diversity that makes up our country. The video addresses current issues and promotes unity with phrases like, “to love america is to love all americans.

If we take a closer look at the video

We can see the elements that were put together to create this high-quality content. First, the video features someone who’s easily recognizable by the audience. Second, the video begins by addressing patriotism and america – two things we expect to hear on the fourth of july. Third, the information in the video is presented in an engaging way that focuses on relevant issues.

The advertisement might seem ridiculous, but the concept is a great example of content that promotes a brand in a fun, light-hearted way. Dixie also released a facebook carousel ad featuring different summer salad recipes for men to cook up.

Chubbies shorts
It would be wrong of me not to mention IS Lists one of our office’s favorite holiday brands. Chubbies shorts creates retro-style shorts and other clothing for men and women that are unique to people looking for a party. The main advertising element I want to point out about this brand is the voice and tone of their company.

Their unique style has created a connection with their target audience and built a community around brand loyalty. They’re a great example of defining a company’s voice and utilizing advertising to speak directly to potential customers.

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Oct 17, 2023
It’s not just the cost of cable that’s the problem

Today I’m going to talk about gen z again. Mashable recently reported on a study conducted by defy media that explores how the world’s youngest generations consume digital video.

Let’s first point out the significance of video in today’s world. The budgets for video marketing have never been higher and it’s not hard to see why. Simply put – people enjoy watching videos more than they like reading a post or looking at a picture.

In the case of gen z and the results of the study, we can see that an estimated 85% of respondents said youtube is their number one go-to platform for video viewing. Netflix came in second with 66% and cable/satellite tv in third with 62%.

Well, let’s see what the study tells us. Video services like youtube and netflix are rising while at the same time social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, and snapchat are adjusting their algorithm’s to promote video content. This means that the use of video is rising, but it also means a couple other things as well.

Social media is becoming less social

According to the study, “facebook, for example, is used mostly by younger users for video consumption. About 60% of those surveyed said they use the platform for social. And video, versus the 40% who use it for social purposes alone.”

It’s not just the cost of cable that’s the problem.
It’s easy to say from the data that buy telemarketing leads the reason cable television. Has been on a decline is because people are tired of paying for a cable package. However, the study found that this isn’t necessarily true. About 38% of those surveyed said they. Did not have a cable satellite box. The study explains:

“about 40% say there are less expensive options, while 24% are just not interested in the content tv offers.”

Almost everyone engaging with video today knows and expects to see advertisements. These ads come in many different shapes and sizes, but no matter where they come from, the message is relatively the same.

Ads aren’t all that bad after all

What’s next?
The answer to the question of how IS Lists the youth will consume video is evident through the results of the study. Gen z has grown up hand-in-hand with today’s digital technology and they rely on the services that older generations might consider strange.

Understanding where and how potential customers are consuming information is vital information when thinking about marketing. And now that gen z is approaching the age to be considered a valuable purchasing demographic, businesses need to be updated on the message these young customers are willing to listen to.

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Oct 17, 2023
I want to be the very best like no one ever was

They’re roaming around the town. They’re walking in the streets – mindless of their surroundings with only one thing on their minds. No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse and their not hungry for brains. It’s pokémon go and these people are on the hunt for pokémon.

The mobile app has only been available in the u.S. Since thursday, july 7th, but it has officially become a viral phenomenon.

What is pokémon go?
Besides being everything you’ve ever dreamed of, it’s an app on your mobile device that uses augmented reality and your gps location to catch pokémon. When you open the app, an animated map of your physical location shows up with your avatar in the middle. In order to find the pokémon, you have to get out of your chair and walk around.

Clues throughout the map help you find where the pokémon are

Visiting poke stops (pronounced “pokey”) and poke gyms, which are typically churches or landmarks around the city, become a necessity so you can gain more items like pokeballs and potions to use to catch and heal your pokémon.

These poke stops and gyms are pre-determined locations that were based on another app from the niantic company. The main goal is to catch powerful pokémon and to take control of poke gyms by fighting other trainers with your pokémon. You get rewards and more items for your pokémon if you’re a gym leader.

Why has this app all of a sudden blown cell phone number list up and literally changed people’s day-to-day behavior? A big reason is nostalgia. People, especially millennials, grew up playing the card game and playing pokémon on their gameboys. Now they get the chance to play on their mobile devices, and the amount of people playing is incredible. It’s no doubt that soon pokémon go will surpass twitter in daily active users.

In an article by similarweb, the app was being used for an average of just over 43 minutes a day, which is higher than whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, and messenger for facebook; even nintendo’s stock skyrocketed. Nintendo’s share price rose 24.52% to $193, its highest one-day surge since 1983. Search activity for the term “pokémon” is at an all-time high, and by a considerable amount.

It has become difficult to scroll through any social media platform

The app is also considering additional upgrades like a chat feature and being able to battle and trade pokémon with friends. These are ideas that the app can use to grow and keep it’s high level of engagement. Who knows how long this pokémon phenomenon will last, but with frequent updates and the addition of pokémon, I can see pokémon go being an app staying on a lot of people’s phones.

Why should you care about pokémon go?
So maybe you’ve never played or IS Lists even heard of pokémon in your life before a few days ago, but now you’re reading a blog about it and how it’s driving people crazy. But let’s take a serious look about what this app can teach us about reaching an audience.

Just like I talked about above, the game features poke stops and gyms that are anchored around physical locations. If you’re a business owner with a store location, you may have noticed an increase in foot traffic around your store because of the game. But how are you using this increased traffic to your advantage?

You can offer free or discounted beverages to the pokémon trainers since they probably have been walking all day. You can offer a charging station for their mobile devices (the game drains the device’s battery) or offer deals on portable battery chargers. Businesses are adapting quickly to take advantage of the influx of customers to their stores.

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Oct 17, 2023
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Fences, for years, have been used to clearly define the boundaries of one property from another.

They have been used to keep people out of a commercial property. Or keep kids contained to their own yard. But I’m guessing the person. Who coined the phrase “good fences make good neighbors” probably never. Thought that one day that a fence would be a virtual barrier. And would be used to serve an advertising message.

Geofencing is a great tool that can be used to deliver a specific mobile. Message to potential customers in a given geographic area you have. Predetermined. I’m not here to talk about what geofencing is; my colleague. Tobaria ruffin covered that in his blog “new targeting with geofencing.

I’m talking about what it takes to be a good neighbor now that you have your “fence” set up.

Are you a good neighbor

What makes a good neighbor? A good neighbor is someone that reaches out to their potential customers with relevant messages only a few b2b phone lists times and doesn’t bombard. A bad neighbor keeps bugging you to buy their products after the sixteenth time and won’t return the law mower.

For the most part, people like their neighbors; we get to interact in a relaxed setting with people who have similar interests. That also translates when sending and receiving ad messages. Consumers like to receive messages that seem tailored to them. They want to be part of your community and feel welcome. But, by the sixteenth time they see that message, they have had enough. The annoying neighbor has stopped by “again.

What do neighbors talk about

You have taken the time to get to know your customers, now take the time to know where you want to place your fence. Make sure your IS Lists message is relevant and timely to your audience. Tell them how it’s going to benefit them. Remember there is a reason you are targeting your customers in this location at this time. Be sure your message is relevant to those who are receiving it. Keep the conversation to a minimum and once they walk away don’t continue to bombard them with the same message, as it may no longer be relevant.

Geofencing is a great tool, but let’s not cross it and become the annoying neighbor.

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Oct 17, 2023
How to Handle the Haters

Businesses and brands reap many benefits from an active social media presence. Unfortunately, the personal connections that make social media special can also lead to uncomfortable negative comments on your page from disgruntled customers. No business or brand wants to see unhappy customers putting their name on blast for other potential customers to see. There’s no real way to prevent negative comments, but how you handle them can make or break your relationships with customers.

The don’ts
To start, let’s address some of the things you should avoid doing when you see a negative comment or post relating to your brand.

Ignore it- by thinking the comment will somehow resolve itself by avoiding it, you’ll probably make the situation worse. There may be the occasional internet “troll” that’s trying to get a reaction out of your business, but most negative comments come from unhappy customers. One ignored comment can quickly turn into a social media wildfire that’s rather difficult to put out. It’s better to have some sort of response than no response at all.

Delete it this if no one saw it it didn’t happen

Approach can also cause brands to lose the trust of customers who notice their comments and feedback being removed. Remember, even if that customer’s review isn’t seen by others on your page, they have hundreds of friends and other calling lists ways to get their message out that will cause much more damage than a negative review. The example below shows a furious customer re-posting an incredibly angry message after her first one was removed. When people see this message, they lose trust in the company who is attempting to cover up a product flaw. You can delete spam, profanity, or random attacks that are not related to your company. Deleted comment
Non-apology apology- you should absolutely avoid responding with an apology that’s not heart felt or sincere. We’ve all seen the comments before from a company that touts their success instead of responding to the actual problem. The response usually goes something like this: “our company has been providing excellence for over 75 years, we are sorry that our product didn’t meet your expectations.” this kind of half apology puts the blame back on the customer for having unrealistic expectations instead of apologizing for a fault in the product quality. One thing to remember is that the customer is always right, even when they’re wrong.

Identify who you’re talking to

The rude apology- it should be a no brainer, but avoid saying anything mean or rude to your customers. This not only makes them angrier, but also ruins your brand image.
What you can do
Now that you have an idea of some IS Lists of the things that you probably shouldn’t do when you receive a negative comment, let’s talk about some things you can do. Remember, customers who take the time to complain are usually looking for a reason to stay a customer. They care enough to tell you about their experience with your brand and are looking for some sort of resolution.

Just like crayons, not all customers are alike. A study on customer complaints outlines three kinds of customers that issue complaints. By knowing what persona the customer fits into, you can better tailor your response to suit them.


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Oct 17, 2023
What Do Neighbors Talk About

More outspoken than the meek customer, the aggressive customer is not afraid to share what’s on their mind. They’ll quickly put your company name on blast and go down swinging. It may be tempting to mirror this tone, but fighting fire with fire only makes a bigger fire. To respond, make sure you react with firm politeness that is pleasant. Don’t be too submissive though, you’ll want to make sure your team is still treated with respect. Lastly, don’t be afraid to cut the customer loose if it gets to that point. 

The high roller this is perhaps one of your most valuable customers

They likely put a lot of money into your services and products and expects to be treated like a vip. They don’t want to hear excuses and expect things to be made right very quickly. It’s important to know who these customers are and to quickly solve their problems to ensure a lifetime of business with them.
Be swift
Sometimes the most frustrating buy telemarketing call list thing for people is the amount of time that passes before their problem is resolved. As a business, you should have a plan to monitor your social accounts and quickly respond to complaints and concerns. There are even tools like spout social and audiense that monitor your brand mentions and specific keywords for you. Responding quickly shows the customer that their concern is a top priority for your business and will hopefully relieve some of the anger they feel.

One of the most important things you can do is come up with a social response plan. This plan should outline how quickly you want to respond to comments as well as guidelines for removing comments with heavy profanity. Even with a plan, each response should have some level of uniqueness to it. The ‘we are sorry to hear you had an issue,  gets really old rather quickly.

Encourage the complainant to personal message their contact info

Have a more personal phone call. It’s important to move the conversation somewhere more personal to make sure the customer’s needs are IS Lists being met. Your plan should also include a way to record complaints to help with product innovation later down the road. If you receive dozens of complaints about the speed of service, that’s something your company will want to look into to avoid angrier customers. Just like ben franklin said “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Don’t forget the love
While resolving issues should be the top of your priority list, be sure to make time to thank the people who took time out of their day to praise your company. A quick thank you or shout out goes a long way. Happy customers have the ability to be just as infectious with their social circle as angry customers. By responding to both, you reassure customers that their opinions matter.

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Oct 17, 2023
This Blog Will Rank High

I hope this blog ranks well. I mean, there’s plenty of keywords and meta information, but you never know what search engines will decide. Yes, this blog is relevant and can be on the first page. No, there are too many cats and should be buried. But, if I follow the proper format and try not to be spammy, my blog and I should be okay.

Search rankings for content have changed drastically over the past decade. Gone are the days of stuffing one particular word into your content to trick search engines into thinking you know what you’re talking about. Now, with sophisticated algorithms (and super robots), your content will rank well if you simply speak like a human and present clear, informative information.

Include additional words

That said, adding additional keywords will help. I’m not saying adding an “s” at the end of a word, but including synonyms, related phrases, and topic concepts. This shows that you have a wide knowledge of what you’re writing about and provides depth for the people who are reading.

A great article from social media business phone list examiner breaks out tools you can use to expand upon your base theme.

They also say, “an easy way to optimize existing content for new keywords is to add new sections (with subheadings) targeting those new words. This helps content get more comprehensive over time, which naturally results in more social media shares and backlinks.”

Who you know
Everyone likes important people and brands, and so do search engines. A recent change in google’s ranking algorithm is identifying entities. “entities are related notable people, places, organizations, brands, etc., which associate in some way with your keyword.

This doesn’t mean dropping beyoncé’s name to help rank higher

It does help to add case studies from brands that have had similar problems or to include an example of a celebrity if it helps advance your case and inform your reader.

Be niche
There’s information about everything on the internet. If I jump on google right now, there are 7,570,000 articles about squirtle. With that type of volume, it’s hard to stand above the rest. This is where being niche will come in handy.

Knowing your audience, pick topics that IS Lists are relevant to them – don’t be vague. Answer a common question your customers have, do a write-up of your next product update, or recount new industry news with your own spin. According the social media examiner, “it’s important to make question research part of your keyword research each time you’re writing a blog post.”

By being specific, you are able to dig into what is important to your audience. You might not have as high of reach, but the reach you do receive will be relevant.

What’s next?
The next time you’re writing a blog, have these principles in mind. If anything, they will allow you to connect with your audience.

Also, hopefully you found this blog while searching. That would make me fill good.

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