Mar 22, 2023
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Many companies for years functione according to a convenient scheme. It consiste in the fact that in a specific month the sale of holiday packages began, falling within one or two months of the year. Now we know that this is a very risky approach. All it takes is an airline strike at this very moment or an unannounce lockdown to deprive the company of its entire annual profit. Crisis management in a tourist enterprise is an inevitable action when customers en masse begin to return tickets and resign from services. How to defend against it? It is necessary to go beyond such a scheme.

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The first way is to extend the offer to the remaining months of the year. For example, a company that sells tourist services for schools may also organize summer camps for other groups of children this year. The second idea is a creative combination Cayman Islands Phone Number List of products and services, about which you can read more below. Unusual sale of tourist services Chateau Marmont is the belove hotel of John Depp and Lindsay Lohan. Ordinary mortals are unlikely to stop there. Another problem has arisen in the pandemic. Promotional tours of the stars were cancele, so the hotel’s target group staye at home for months. Fortunately, the owners investe in a hotel store before the pandemic.

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The sale of tourist services in the form of goods seems absurd. Today, however, what is virtual and material is increasingly intertwine in the social consciousness. Some people ask philosophically, did beach meitation happen if the woman doing IS Lists it didn’t immortalize it on Instagram? It’s a joke, but there’s a grain of truth in it. This is prove, for example, by organize trips to the most “instagramable” places . They are only intende to put participants in the right background and enable them to create an interesting relationship on Instagram.

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