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In this way, there are also no understatements. Instead of enumerating the pros and cons of an employee, in the feeforward approach, you say specifically how it can achieve the results you care about. This gives him a more secure position later on during the next review of his achievements – if he acte as you agree, then the responsibility for the effect rests not only with him. Are you wondering how to make your employees the best brand ambassadors? We will help you use your most valuable resource! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you When does it work and when does it not.

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This technique will also work if you are taking over a team and nee to review their performance. In such a situation, it makes no sense to focus on the past, and employees should learn your preferences for the future as soon as possible. It is a gentle method Canadian Colleges Universities Email List of “talking” even with an experience employee. In companies that use the feeforward approach, employees are more satisfie with their jobs. They often have a sense of agency and are more open in conversation with the employer, knowing the chance for a two-way dialogue. It will be a bit worse if the employee does not show willingness to change. The feeforward method can keep him convince that he is doing everything right for a long time.

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He will not hear criticism, his single successes will not be appreciate either, and he can let go of his attention to the future. We recommend HR policy models – which one to implement and why? How to introduce feeforward in the company? Corporations IS Lists such as Deloitte, Google and Adobe use the feeforward technique . It is worth noting, however, that each of them uses a mix of methods, including their own methodologies. Feeforward is there alongside face-to-face meetings, consultations and sharing impressions . And what all approaches have in common is regularity.

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