Oct 17, 2023
How to Nail Fourth of July Advertising

The fourth of july is over; that means the long weekend. Has come to an end and life in the office has begun once more. I apologize if that’s news to some of you, but for many of us, we had. To trade in our trunks for dress pants and start our work week.

But before you get situated behind your desk, I don’t see why we. Can’t have a little more fun. So let’s transition from fireworks. To paperwork together by taking a look at some of this. Year’s brands that made a splash in their advertising during the fourth of july.

Nathan’s famous hot dogs

I can’t speak for everyone, but if you’re like me, watching the nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest is a tradition that’s a mixture of exciting, disgusting, and mesmerizing. This year, american’s “most famous frank” turned 100 years old and it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t stop and appreciate this monumental occasion.

While the hot dog eating contest is a holiday tradition, it’s also a major advertising opportunity that has been promoting brand loyalty for a call lists century. Take a second and watch this year’s record breaking performance.

Nathan’s is also a prime example of a brand producing quality content that it’s followers enjoy. Simple infographics and fast facts are a great way to share content in a quick and easily understandable way to an audience.

In this short video, john cena speaks about patriotism. As he walks through a picturesque american small-town, he asks people to picture the average american and then explains the diversity that makes up our country. The video addresses current issues and promotes unity with phrases like, “to love america is to love all americans.

If we take a closer look at the video

We can see the elements that were put together to create this high-quality content. First, the video features someone who’s easily recognizable by the audience. Second, the video begins by addressing patriotism and america – two things we expect to hear on the fourth of july. Third, the information in the video is presented in an engaging way that focuses on relevant issues.

The advertisement might seem ridiculous, but the concept is a great example of content that promotes a brand in a fun, light-hearted way. Dixie also released a facebook carousel ad featuring different summer salad recipes for men to cook up.

Chubbies shorts
It would be wrong of me not to mention IS Lists one of our office’s favorite holiday brands. Chubbies shorts creates retro-style shorts and other clothing for men and women that are unique to people looking for a party. The main advertising element I want to point out about this brand is the voice and tone of their company.

Their unique style has created a connection with their target audience and built a community around brand loyalty. They’re a great example of defining a company’s voice and utilizing advertising to speak directly to potential customers.

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Oct 17, 2023
The Missing Link Managing an SEM campaign

I’ve recovered from enough headaches causthat’s why in today’s blog, I’m going to outline one tactic and it’s many features that you can implement today to help your campaign.

Ad extensions provide advertisers extra space to further explain the products they’re selling. This allows you to include more helpful information and clickable elements that direct customers to your site.

Ad extensions are a great tactic because they eliminate wasted clicks in your campaign. This should be a focus with sem campaigns, because you’re charged only when someone clicks on your ad. While there are a lot of different elements within ad extensions to choose from, if you’re strapped for time, here are some of the top extension features every campaign should have.

One of the first ad extensions features you should include are sitelink extensions. Sitelinks can take people to specific pages on your website. This helps improve the user experience as it takes someone who’s searching for your product to where they want to go quickly.

A potential customer would be more likely to leave after only spending

A few moments on your page if they couldn’t find what they were looking for right away. This is where sitelink extensions help. When someone clicks your sitelinks, they skip right to what they want to know more information about or buy.

Call extensions

Now, let’s say that your goal is to get the call lists phone ringing, here’s another ad extension feature that can help. Call extensions give users the option to call your business by showing your phone number with your ad. This shows up as a clickable call button with your ad. This eliminates frustration that can occur when a potential customer is just looking for a phone number to call your business.

For example; if you own a floral business, you can run an advertisement promoting a special sale on a dozen roses with a call-to-action saying “call now.”

When a customer sees your ad and wants to place an order, they can call your business directly instead of trying to navigate the website. This is a great option if you want to drive phone calls to your business for a sale.

What if your business has some outstanding services that you want to callout

Well here’s a great ad extension feature you can use. The callout extension lets you include additional text with your search ads. Callout extensions are more like bullet points and not complete sentences. However, you should still be as specific as you can when you’re adding these to your campaign.

As an example, an advertiser could add callouts that say “24-7 customer service.” that would be a better option than the vague “24-7” description. Being more specific tells the customers what exactly about your business would be 24-7.

Along with adding specific descriptions IS Lists like callouts, you can add another ad extension feature that further shows your business’s different products and services. Price extensions give a user a quick glance into what your services or products are. This can be helpful as you have the option to put your best products and services forward. By adding in price extensions, you increase the user experience by letting potential customers know ahead of time that your business can serve their needs.

If you don’t provide the service they’re looking for, they will be more likely to not click on your ad. This eliminates any wasted ad dollars that would be better served somewhere else.

Extensions, extensions, extensions
These are just a few of the ad extension features that are available for you to help get your customers to the checkout line as easily as possible. If your goal is to drive phone call orders, call extensions would be the best extensions to use. If you want to show the different prices for your services, price extensions are the way to go.

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