Oct 17, 2023
What Do Neighbors Talk About

More outspoken than the meek customer, the aggressive customer is not afraid to share what’s on their mind. They’ll quickly put your company name on blast and go down swinging. It may be tempting to mirror this tone, but fighting fire with fire only makes a bigger fire. To respond, make sure you react with firm politeness that is pleasant. Don’t be too submissive though, you’ll want to make sure your team is still treated with respect. Lastly, don’t be afraid to cut the customer loose if it gets to that point. 

The high roller this is perhaps one of your most valuable customers

They likely put a lot of money into your services and products and expects to be treated like a vip. They don’t want to hear excuses and expect things to be made right very quickly. It’s important to know who these customers are and to quickly solve their problems to ensure a lifetime of business with them.
Be swift
Sometimes the most frustrating buy telemarketing call list thing for people is the amount of time that passes before their problem is resolved. As a business, you should have a plan to monitor your social accounts and quickly respond to complaints and concerns. There are even tools like spout social and audiense that monitor your brand mentions and specific keywords for you. Responding quickly shows the customer that their concern is a top priority for your business and will hopefully relieve some of the anger they feel.

One of the most important things you can do is come up with a social response plan. This plan should outline how quickly you want to respond to comments as well as guidelines for removing comments with heavy profanity. Even with a plan, each response should have some level of uniqueness to it. The ‘we are sorry to hear you had an issue,  gets really old rather quickly.

Encourage the complainant to personal message their contact info

Have a more personal phone call. It’s important to move the conversation somewhere more personal to make sure the customer’s needs are IS Lists being met. Your plan should also include a way to record complaints to help with product innovation later down the road. If you receive dozens of complaints about the speed of service, that’s something your company will want to look into to avoid angrier customers. Just like ben franklin said “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Don’t forget the love
While resolving issues should be the top of your priority list, be sure to make time to thank the people who took time out of their day to praise your company. A quick thank you or shout out goes a long way. Happy customers have the ability to be just as infectious with their social circle as angry customers. By responding to both, you reassure customers that their opinions matter.

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