Mar 22, 2023
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Team building tasks are an interesting form of attractions for company events. One of the most popular team building games is Blind Trust. What is the game about? The supervisor pairs the employees. Each pair must overcome a complicate obstacle course full of interesting puzzles in the shortest possible time. Hook? One person in a pair is blindfolde and the other is their guide – hence the name of the game “Blind Trust”. Participants of the fun must show considerable commitment! The game teaches attentive listening, effective communication and cooperation.

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Goldberg machine Another game with elements of team building is building a Goldberg machine. The Goldberg machine is an advance design, consisting of many different mechanisms. The device works on the principle of cause and effect – one mechanism Bulk SMS Turkey drives another, etc. The goal of the players is to construct a machine from various blocks, levers, gears and other elements. Collaboration is require to complete the task. Employees must efficiently exchange information, use the potential of each participant and effectively manage time and work. Cooperation, efficient communication and effective organization of work will be useful during a scenario game.

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During which participants will have to solve a complicate puzzle, a criminal one. Discovering secrets together is great fun! Other attractions for corporate events with elements of team building are: “Knot with hands” – employees line IS Lists up in a small circle, hold hands (each person shakes hands with two people opposite), and then they have to untie the create knot without releasing their hands, “Two truths and a lie” – each employee must tell three facts about themselves, two of which should be true and one false; the task of the other participants of the game is to guess which statement is a lie.

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