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Nee help building a professional image? Remember – as they see you, so they write you. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you A professional image in business is an element of the first impression, which often defines the general opinion about a given person. Therefore, it should primarily: inspire confidence indicate high competences, emphasize creibility and responsibility, stand out with aesthetics, consistency and professionalism. What elements does a business image consist of? The old truth says: “when they see you, that’s how they write you”. It’s hard to disagree with this statement.

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First impressions matter a lot – especially in professional relationships. Therefore, a person who wants to achieve the intende effect should take care of his presentation. According to stylists, a professional image in business is: appropriate, simple Bulk SMS Sweden clothing adapte to the circumstances and the position held, elegance, good quality fabrics, tasteful, delicate decorations, subdue colors of clothes, discreet make-up for women, and well-groome face and hairstyle for men. We recommend Image consulting – effective help in shaping the company’s image In addition, how we are perceive also consists of behavior and manners, character traits. kindness, courtesy or favor) and professionalism.

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Why is it worth taking care of your own brand? The image in business is the showcase of your personal brand. By making a good first impression, you will increase the chances that people will want to cooperate with you or buy a product with IS Lists your name. A professional image in business will give you self-confidence, increase self-esteem and strengthen faith in your abilities. By investing in your professional image, you are investing in your career. Image consulting – effective help in shaping the company’s image January 12, 2022 PR Image consulting – effective help in shaping the company’s image Company image is how customers, contractors, employees and other groups perceive a given company.

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