Mar 23, 2023
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The customer makes the payment at the end of each billing period. This model is mainly use when the subscriber decides on the scope of using a given offer and is bille for specific consumption of a given product or service, telecommunications services, coffee subscriptions for companies, electricity or gas supply. Due to the type of offer available as part of the subscription, we distinguish: the discovery model (inventive, enabling access to goods or services not fully known to the buyer, cosmetic or grocery boxes.

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The convenience model (which is a convenience by regularly ordering the same, constantly use product or services, music streaming). We recommend Subscription sales for e-commerce success Automatic payment – a condition for the success of Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Email List subscription sales Choosing an offer in the subscription model allows you to relieve customers of the obligation to take action each time they decide to purchase the same product again. The transaction is generate mechanically, with little effort from the buyer. Thanks to the automation of the payment process, the seller is guarantee maximum collection of liabilities.

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No nee to incur costs relate to debt collection and reminding about payments. The basis for the functioning of subscription trading, regardless of the type, is the regularity and automation of making payments using, for example, payment IS Lists cards or cyclical transfers carrie out by banks (standing orders or direct debits). The tool that is suppose to encourage customers to use the subscription is online marketing . Although solutions that automate payments make it much easier to use subscriptions, buyers often have the option of paying their bills in the form of periodic transfers. However, this requires constant supervision of payment dates and amounts, and the seller must send any reminders and collect arrears.

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