Mar 21, 2023
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Therefore, it is worth including it in your strategy. How can employee advocacy help your company? April 10, 2022 Employer branding Today’s highly competitive market forces entrepreneurs to look for new methods of promotion. One of them is employee advocacy, a trend in which employees become company ambassadors. Why is it worth implementing this solution? What is employee advocacy? Why does employee advocacy pay off? What is employee advocacy? Employee advocacy is an interesting company promotion strategy in which employees act as brand ambassadors.

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It is closely relate to employer branding and personal branding . The first is to create the image of the employer through appropriate activities aime at developing and expanding the competences of employees. The second is building brand Australia Phone Number List reputation through designate people. Employee advocacy is usually carrie out through Internet activities (mainly in social meia ), but nothing stands in the way of using this form of promotion in a traditional way at trainings, fairs, conferences or other industry meetings. Employer advocacy brings amazing results.

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We help implement any promotional strategy! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Why does employee advocacy pay off? Employee advocacy is an effective way to promote your brand. According to research, messages about a brand IS Lists coming directly from employees are share on average 24 times more often than messages create by the brand itself. This strategy is conducive to building the company’s reputation, facilitates the acquisition of new customers and business partners, and thus has a positive impact on the company’s development.

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