Mar 23, 2023
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Paweł Kuczera – about the beginnings, prevailing trends and possibilities of investing in the real estate market Many people think that investing is not for them. They don’t know how to start and where to get knowlege from. It is often said that you nee a lot of capital to enter the market. Is it really so? Can anyone invest? The real estate market is for anyone who wants to start working on it. Horyzonty Inwestycji services are aime at all investors. We cooperate with people with a capital of PLN 20,000 and those who have much larger amounts and build entire housing estates with us.

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We do not compare investors and we do not categorize them. Anyone who wants to cooperate with us can do so, because our goal is to adapt the product to the nees. If the investor has capital of PLN 50,000,000, we will find him an investment where he Australia Business Fax List will be able to invest this money. For example, we will buy him a flat for PLN 300,000, and allocate his capital for renovation. In short, we will make investments together, and we share the profits depending on the capital involve. From the very beginning, we define the rules of cooperation very precisely to avoid any misunderstandings and to show investors how everything will go.

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We provide a complete business plan and financial calculation. Which we specify what and how much it will cost, how long the investment.  Will take and how it will be carrie out. We also provide all investment parameters in the form of IS Lists planne profits, thanks to which.  The investor can find out how much he is able to earn before making a decision. With Horyzont Inwestycji you can invest in many ways. This includes a loan agreement, the acquisition of shares in a special purpose vehicle, the purchase of real estate on one’s own mortgage security and many other aspects that we offer in our services.

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