Mar 21, 2023
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We automatically skip some of them – in particular, we do not pay attention to e-advertisements. Banner blindness, Banner blindness is a phenomenon of reflexively ignoring graphic elements that look like Internet advertisements. Why do we stop noticing banner ads on the internet? Often the reason is placing an ad in the wrong place. Banners that pop up in the middle of the page, which are hard to close, are extremely irritating to Internet users. The person browsing the page will focus more on closing the ad than on its content. An uninteresting banner design can also be a problem.

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Too bright, flashing, fille to the brim with text – such ads are not pleasant for users, and can even irritate them. This does not mean, however, that it is not worth using banners in advertising campaigns . Properly prepare, they can be an interesting Afghanistan Phone Number List element of internet marketing . How to prepare an effective and effective advertising banner? Are you wondering what advertising banners will be attractive to your customers? We will analyze the target group and select the best tools! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Effective advertising banners on the Internet, or what.

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Before you prepare an advertising banner, analyze the target group of your company. In addition, consider on which page you want to place the ad to match the appearance of the banner to the appearance of the site. When IS Lists creating an advertising banner for the Internet, follow the principle: “quality over quantity”. Bet on minimalism. The colors of the banner, apart from the fact that it should match the page, should be subdue and subtle. Bright colors will catch the eye of the recipients, but they will rather annoy than interest them. You can use beiges, pastels or universal white and black.

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