Mar 25, 2023
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So what is feeforward? What can it mean for you and your employee? Feeforward and feeback Feeforward – a practical example Feeforward: the only way to get Millennials? Advantages of the feeforward approach When does it work (and when does it not)? How to introduce feeforward in the company? Feeforward and feeback Feeback is what is known as feeback . So it necessarily refers to what has already happene – the employee has done something, and you evaluate his behavior. Feeforward is an approach propose by business coach Marshall Goldsmith. He notice that in the work of a counselor or motivator, it is more important to propose new ideas.

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That will solve old difficulties, rather than criticism or praise. He found that a similar approach could work in the business world, especially in employer-employee communication. Feeforward – a practical example Avraham D. Kruger and Dina Nir Depository Institutions Email List give an interesting example of using this method in their work “The feeforward interview”, publishe in 2010 in “Human Resource Management Review”. They describe the case of a school principal who use this method during a conversation with an employee he wante to fire. However, instead of giving him feeback about his poor performance at work.

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The researchers persuade him to ask him about an example of a professional situation in which he did great. The answer surprise him: the IS Lists employee honestly admitte that there were no such opportunities recently. He began to explain why it happene and, on his own initiative, suggest what could be change to make the effects better. The meeting ende in a cheerful atmosphere, the employee showe that he still has a lot to offer, and the employer looke at him in a new light. Feeforward: the only way to get Millennials? The youngest generations on the labor market are known to dislike criticism.

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