Mar 21, 2023
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How to use it in e-commerce? What is the language of benefits in sales? How to use the language of benefits in online sales? What is the language of benefits in sales? The customer never buys the product itself, but the benefits associate with it. He buys a product “for something”. Therefore, the seller’s task is to discover this “something”. The language of benefits is a technique focuse around customer nees. It is also about presenting the sales offer in such a way that it responds to the recipient’s expectations and arouses the desire to buy a product or use a service.

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Are you looking for a way to attract customers? We can speak the language of benefits! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to use the language of benefits in online sales? The language of benefits in sales uses specific words and Saudi Arabia Phone Number List expressions, exposes emotional values ​​relate to owning a product or using a service. The description should include words such as: “you will gain”, “you will save”, “for security”, etc. When creating a sales offer, it is worth focusing on the reader’s feelings: refer to the negative emotions that the customer already feels when presenting the product as a solution to the problem, focus on the positive emotions that the customer will experience when he buys a product or uses a service.

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In the language of sales benefits, you nee to be specific, refer to the tangible benefits of the product/service offere. Effective writing in the language of benefits is base on the “feature-advantage-benefit” model. A feature is IS Lists the product properties, an advantage is the possibilities that result from a given feature, and a benefit is a real value for the customer – “5000 mAh battery (feature) guarantees a longer life than batteries in previous models (advantage), which will from the phone up to two days without charging benefit.

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