Mar 21, 2023
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During the pandemic, cooperation between companies was often establishe remotely, base on presentations in the virtual world. Maintaining positive relations with magazines or industry portals may not be important for you if you have a well-develope social meia. Remember, however, that associations or eitorial offices of industry magazines are often behind the organization of fairs, certification or awarding prizes. Therefore, it is worth maintaining at least correct relations with representatives of these bodies, and ideally, they should be constantly aware of news within the company.

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It would be good to have both industry and social meia representation. Remember that both of these places are where people you want to reach with your offer spend their time. MagePlaza data shows that, for example, in the marketing industry, instead Belize Phone Number List of using traditional channels, decision makers rely on what they read on microblogs (72 percent of respondents), in social meia (80 percent) and what they hear in podcasts (87 percent). More on this topic in the article: Modern marketing – channels, rules and patterns You don’t know how to communicate effectively with business clients? Contact us – we know how to help you.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to build good B2B relationships? What does the PR agency advise in this area ? In addition to IS Lists presentations in industry portals or magazines, B2B image activities should include building good relationships. So what exactly? ” Relationship marketing is “a management concept assuming long-term, multilateral, beneficial cooperation of enterprises with entities from the closer and further environment in order to maximize the value of the relationship from the point of view of the final buyer.

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