Oct 18, 2023
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Buying process of your customers makes buying easier and increases the discoverability of your site in search engines. Tips for a purchase path-like content plan can be found here . Download our comprehensive guide to creating a content plan: keyword research guide Download our guide to creating a content plan here. In marketing strategy the task of the content plan is to translate the strategy work done into measures visible on the site. On the other hand the task of the channel strategy is to determine in which

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What content is shared in the channel and what the role of each channel is in supporting the buying process of your customers. The content plan is therefore very much the fuel of the channel strategy. The task of each piece of content is to help the customer make a business email list purchase decision but at the same time their idea is to communicate your companys expertise operating methods competitive advantages and value proposition in a way that matches your brand. Individual good contents do nothing if they do not have one and the same

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business email list

Convert a potential buyer into a. Lead or customer At this stage of the purchase path the customer is already very close to a purchase decision. The contents of the Convert phase should be thought of so that their task is to. Convince the customer to buy from you. Good contents for IS Lists the Convert phase. Include for example product and service pages reference stories and pages where you tell. About your way of doing things such as this one . Engage – engage the customer and make him a recommender of your company In the engage phase the content. Aims to engage a customer who has already bought once and teach him to use your

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