Mar 25, 2023
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When setting indicators, we must remember that each employee whose work will be accounte for on the basis of specific indicators is thoroughly familiar with the goals of their implementation and the method of measurement use. The implementation of business indicators includes the following stages: Determining the mission, vision and strategic goals of the company. Identification of customer nees and, on this basis, specific operational goals. Assignment of appropriate actions and indicators of their effective implementation to each operational objective.

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When establishing business metrics that we intend to measure in the course of our business, it is important to remember that our goal should not be to measure everything. Performance indicators should take into account the most important Construction Email List processes and functional areas of the company – e.g. sales effectiveness . In addition, only indicators for which the necessary figures exist or can easily be collecte should be use. We recommend Phases of organization development – birth, development, decline Particular attention should be paid to indicators that may compete with each other and lead to a situation where a high score on one indicator is achieve only at the expense of a worsening result on another indicator.

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In this case, we should always focus on indicators relating directly to the level of customer satisfaction, at the expense of indicators relating only to the internal nees of the organization. Business indicators should be: 1. Measure at appropriate frequency. 2. Overseen IS Lists by a board of directors or senior management. 3. Understandable to all members of the organization. 4. Significant from the point of view of the goals pursue. 5. Designe in such a way as to minimize the possibility of controlling them. Business is base on numbers. Can you measure them.

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