Mar 23, 2023
Person Is Blindfolde And The Other Is Their Guide

Billboard ads, commercials on TV and radio, handing out leaflets and putting up posters. In fact, the choice of traditional forms of company promotion is very wide. However, in the light of the growing importance of promotion on the Internet, many traditional marketing activities are losing their importance. The biggest problems associate with the use of traditional sales methods are, on the one hand, high distribution costs. For example, the price of advertising on TV is much higher than running an effective advertising campaign in Google Ads.

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Another problem is the limite possibilities of choosing the recipient group. For example, if we place a banner on one of the main streets of the city, potential customers will certainly see it. However, the vast majority of people who see the banner will not Switzerland Business Fax List be intereste in the offer. The downside of traditional marketing is also passivity. Recipients cannot interact with the company or content, as is the case, for example, in internet marketing. In addition, compare to online marketing, the effectiveness of offline marketing activities is more difficult to measure. Internet marketing – quotes Seth Godin draws attention to the change that took place.

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When the emphasis was shifte from traditional marketing activities to Internet marketing activities. In his opinion, “Internet marketing is no longer about the things you do, but the stories you tell.” What attracts users to our brand is IS Lists content. Content is the most important thing in internet marketing. Internet marketing – traditional marketing The basic difference between traditional marketing and Internet marketing was perfectly summe up by Doug Kessler – “Traditional marketing speaks to people. Internet marketing talks to them.” Customers don’t want to be sold to them; they want to tell them. They want to know what they should consider to make an informe decision.

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