Mar 22, 2023
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An integration event can be organize, for example, on the occasion of the implementation of a plan or business goal. Promotions of employees or the company’s anniversary are always a great opportunity . But it is also necessary to take care of corporate integration in the event of conflicts. Also when we notice inappropriate communication or lack of cooperation between people. In this case, it is worth combining such a company event with training or workshops with elements of team building. You can also invite someone from the outside who would help relieve tension and professionally practice some elements of team cooperation. Corporate integration events in an unusual form.

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We don’t always have to follow the beaten path. Sometimes it is worth surprising your employees with something so that the integration event does not look exactly the same from year to year. Unconventional ideas include, for example, games SMS Gateway Finland with elements of team building, going on a mountain trail together, competing in a rope park, and survival workshops. There are really many proposals, and the only limit is our imagination. Active integration will provide participants with a huge dose of great fun and a lot of unforgettable impressions. Are you looking for an original idea for corporate integration events? An unconventional approach to each event is our motto.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Workshops for employees are an unusual and very interesting form of a corporate integration event. Team members will not only have a good time and strengthen bonds with each other, but also IS Lists learn something new. What workshops are we talking about? For example, regional crafts. There are many small manufactories and family workshops dealing with traditional crafts in Lower Silesia. The training is a great opportunity to learn how traditional Lower Silesian glass, ceramic elements or fabrics are made.

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