Oct 17, 2023
Not Your Momma’s Mobile Marketing Event Recap

Just yesterday at 3:00 pm, people representing local businesses around the state stopped by our office to take part in our mobile marketing training event. The two hour event featured google experts and members from our own keymedia solutions team who talked about the importance and evolution of mobile marketing in today’s world.

What I’d like to do today is give you some highlights of yesterday’s presentation.

Google livestream
The first part of our event was a special livestream presentation featuring tim reis. Tim leads google’s performance solutions activation team for north america and in his presentation he spoke about friction points that businesses need to ease in order to connect with customers.

The livestream portion of our event also covered some

The most important aspects of mobile marketing that today’s businesses need to take into account in order to connect with more customers. One of those elements is the speed of your mobile site. Google experts gave examples about what the difference just a second of load time can make to your customers.

Generation targeting
Following google’s livestream usa telephone book presentation, our project supervisor travis entenman and senior digital specialist ashley eining took the stage to talk about how businesses can uses specific tools and platforms to target different generations.

Travis and ashley used different generation profiles to explain how businesses can use different mobile tactics like apps, text messaging, and social media to created a strong connection with a target audience. One of those social media tactics was snapchat, so we had a little fun and created a snapchat geofilter for the event! You can read our blog, create your own snapchat geofilter, if you’d like to see how we did it.

In the end the event went great Everyone who attended left with great information

About how to start implementing and optimizing their mobile strategy right away. Everyone also learned about the future of mobile marketing IS Lists and what potential customers will rely on to get their information in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile marketing, you can click here to download a free whitepaper or sign up for a 90 minute consultation with our marketing experts.

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