Oct 17, 2023
My Thoughts on Awareness Campaigns

Pinterest may have just made a bid update without anyone knowing about it. The update was quiet; it wasn’t advertised and there was no announcement, presentation, or summit. What’s the update? Pinterest just rolled-out awareness campaigns and here’s what you need to know about them.

What are awareness campaigns?
It was just another wednesday morning on august 11th when I went to check on the status of a client’s pinterest campaign – and that’s when I saw it. Cost-per-thousand-impressions (cpm) bidding in the form of awareness campaigns.

Later that same day pinterest would eventually release a blog post announcing the quiet roll-out to all accounts, but in those wee, early hours of the morning, there was no news of what and why this new feature was available.

Instead of the platform tailoring the campaign to serve based on who will engage with the pin or who will most likely click to site. Awareness campaigns will focus on reach as the objective of the campaign and charge advertisers by cpm.

Awareness campaigns used to only be available to fortune 500 companies

All other business accounts had access to promoted pins that only. Allowed the option to choose an engagement campaign, where you were charged. By cpe, or a traffic campaign, where you were charged by cpc.

This created a problem because telemarketing list providers there was no specific option to help campaigns focus on reach. For smaller, local campaigns it was difficult to access. A large enough amount of audience with engagement and traffic. Campaigns in order to see a quality amount of action.

But now, with cpm bidding, pinterest will optimize these campaigns to reach more people. This new feature also allows the option to place a cap on how many times a user will see the promoted pins within that campaign.

The final thing that we see people doing that can negatively impact their marketing efforts is a lack of testing. Testing doesn’t only have to be for copy and images, but can also apply to target audiences and tactics. It is common that a brand may think they know their target audience perfectly from the start, but often we see that this audience may not be the perfect fit for an online marketing campaign. It’s important to test out multiple audiences across platforms and optimize to the audience that performs.

Without testing you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities to reach potential audiences

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You must not just fix one of these problem areas, but work towards IS Lists avoiding all four. Creative should be kept fresh and new and be tested frequently. The target audience should be small enough to be effective. But not too narrow that a small amount of people.  Are bombarded with the same advertisements daily.

Your advertising dollars should be spent more evenly across digital platforms and in proportion to creative development. Finally, you should always be testing out different tactics as well. As target audiences to make sure you are always. Staying current in front of your future customers. Digital advertising has a lot of benefits when it comes to targeting, make sure you are using them for good.

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