Mar 23, 2023
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The product development teams, in addition to designing the physical features and properties of the product, also deal with its aesthetics. In addition, more and more often consumers themselves are involve in the process of developing a new product, providing specific information about their preferences and expectations. Are you planning to introduce a new product to the market? The first impression is made once – make the best and make profits! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Introduction of a food product to the market – stages Bringing a product to market is a process.

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The food market is governe by its own laws, dictate by a number of regulations and guidelines that must be strictly followe. The process of developing a new food product involves specific research activities. It consists of product design, planning the Wholesale Email List development process, designing the production process, and establishing marketing strategies and activities. First, you nee to carefully analyze the market. First of all, in terms of what is missing, what are the nees and what and under what conditions the competition offers. This will allow us to create a new product that arouses interest, but also clearly different from what is already available on the market.

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Depending on whether the product is of animal or vegetable origin, food production must be reporte to the relevant authorities. Plants where products of animal origin are produce require the approval of the competent poviat IS Lists veterinarian. If you want to introduce a plant product, you should.  Contact the nearest poviat sanitary and epidemiological station to inform officials.  What food you want to produce and find out what requirements must be met. Food packaging and labeling are also subject to European and national regulations.

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