Mar 22, 2023
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Therefore, in addition to organizing integration events, try to be an inseparable part of your company community. Jubilee party – how to organize it in 2022? January 15, 2022 Office party Jubilee party – how to organize it in 2022? If you think that an anniversary party is an event like any other, (un)fortunately – you are wrong. It is not as simple and pleasant to organize as it seems at first glance. It is not enough to invite co-workers to a selecte place, provide them with entertainment and food. It’s not enough for everyone to leave happy and satisfie. So what does a jubilee party require.

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The idea, script and thoughtful composition of all the elements that together make up a successful event are important. Jubilee party – an opportunity for even better integration How to organize a jubilee party? Jubilee party – an event for SMS Gateway Slovenia people, not for the company How to throw a party that no one has done Do you want to organize an anniversary party? You are limite only by your imagination and budget. The maxim “Plege and stand” does not work well anywhere, including in the business world. So what is an effective event? First of all, tailor-made.

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In any case, it does not have to be expensive. The most important thing is that it honestly reflects the emotions that the company wants to convey when celebrating its next anniversary. It is the participants of the event that give it value. As IS Lists experience shows, the original idea counts the most. If the participants pick it up, a successful party is guarantee! Jubilee party – an opportunity for even better integration After two years of the pandemic, everyone is hungry for joint activities. That is why a jubilee party is a great opportunity to do something together. Something that is socially useful and carries a deeper meaning.

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