Oct 21, 2023
Make an impression on the decision makers of today

Make an impression on the decision makers of today and tomorrow. Target: genz matteo pocket – 29 september 2023 general let’s start from an assumption. That is never taken for grante: to design effective communication . Strategies and languages we nee to understand and intercept the user who will use them. The habits. Values and languages of our user must be the bible from which to draw the guidelines for our planning. How to apply these principles in the b2b context? The answer is easy: even b2b users are and remain people who love to find the same values. Habits and principles that characterize their private life in the world of work. 

Winning strategies towards GenZ in the B2B context

You might be intereste in: b2b and b2c: differentiate communication strategies.  Winning strategies towards genz in the b2b context general this new data is why. Even in b2b. It is essential to start thinking and designing for . Users who are starting their careers in the world of work today. They are those individuals. Full of enthusiasm. Who are starting (or will soon start) to be promoters of choices. Expenses and strategies on behalf of their respective companies. So let’s talk about genz. I.E. Users born approximately from the end of the 90s to the beginning of the 2010s. 

The key points for GenZ

Download our guide now to find . Out which are the most effective trends of 2023 for growing your business on  social meia! The key points for genz from a study IS Lists conducte in recent years by the genz observatory we observe how. As regards ux and user experience. Genz prefers simplicity . That is. Few but clear elements. Something in which they can recognize and feel at ease during the use of a digital environment. And again. On the tone of voice and brand purpose side. We observe how genz girls and boys prefer self-irony. Understood as not taking themselves too seriously . Being positively sensitive towards brands that . Embrace projects and storytelling linke to sustainability and social.  Impact of a brand or product. 

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