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Stages of strategic, operational and tactical planning Planning in the company takes place in three time horizons. The current one is calle operational planning and covers the coming months. Tactical planning is action 1-5 years ahead, and strategy is a plan for 5 or more years. While the steps of the management process on paper may look identical, always consider what kind of planning you are dealing with. This will make it easier for you to work on a specific time horizon, without blurring your vision and focusing on details or generalities.

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Additional help will be the elements of the management process describe in the literature in a specific time period, such as the analysis of nees, enterprise and environment , which is necessary to create a strategy for 5-10 years ahead. B. Lovato Local Marketing Email List also makes one more interesting observation. He notes that the management process itself also nees to be manage. He notes that individual management processes should form a pyramid. Its basis is the process of strategic management along with all individual stages. Within its framework, there is, for example, the product marketing management process, which in turn consists of the sales process management.

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This knowlege makes it easier to improve your competences in individual areas and modify specific parts of the plan, all the while having reference to the overall management project of the company. We recommend Types of marketing IS Lists strategies – what will work for your company? The stages of the management process depend on the area of ​​activity All such processes contribute to effective company management. It is worth being aware of these structure steps that make up the management of individual areas of business activity. If you want to explore the topic even more, look for information about the stages of the process of managing human resources, competencies or innovations in the company.

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