Mar 22, 2023
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Integration games on the pitch Staying on the sports topic – sometimes you don’t have to invent corporate Olympic Games to integrate the team well. Sometimes choosing the simplest, traditional solution is the best. The bull’s-eye is a football match – or (if we want to go a step further) an employee football tournament. Football is considere the most popular sport in the world for a reason. This well-known team game has its supporters around the globe.

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It is love not only by boys and men of all ages, but also by women. Joint games and fun on the pitch will provide employees with unforgettable emotions. The team dresse in team colors will be fully involve in the game. He will feel the taste of Romania Phone Number List competition on his own skin. A football match will relieve tensions between employees, teach them cooperation and efficient communication, and also reuce the stress associate with everyday work duties. We recommend Can a drop in sales affect every store? Integration movement games – rope park The last example is an integration game in a rope park. It requires fitness and physical fitness.

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Which is why it will be perfect for teams of employees who like sports, practice some sports or are intereste in all sorts of physical activity. In the rope park, everyone will find something for themselves, depending on the degree of difficulty: wooden IS Lists platforms, climbing nets, rope ladders, bridges, zip-line rides. The brave can try complex passages on difficult routes, where they will have to overcome various obstacles, and those who prefer a quieter pastime can choose easier variants. Is fun in the rope park safe? Of course! Each participant will be thoroughly traine in the principles of belaying and equippe with appropriate equipment. The experience staff of the park will watch over the safety of employees.

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