Oct 17, 2023
Is Marketing with Emojis right for you

As you may, or may not be aware of, christmas is only 19 short days away. That means you still have 19 days to make an effective impact on your social media strategy during this last month of the year. Social media is the perfect place for your brand to have a little fun during the holidays, while also increasing brand recognition, and hopefully making a few extra sales. If you’re feeling like your social media is lacking something this season, it’s not too late to implement a few new ideas.

1. Plan if you can
Like virtually everything in life, social media suffers if you put it off and wait until the last minute. You’ll be left with disjointed posts that lack the feel of the brand. Even though christmas is just around the corner, it’s not too late to come up with a plan. Use a content calendar to plan out what will be posted each day and even write out the posts early to ensure consistency. The content calendar will give you a good idea about where you may need more posts or may show inconsistencies throughout the month.

Once you have the calendar laid out start writing the posts

Finding images, or recording and editing videos. When you catch yourself with a spare minute or two, schedule out all the posts for the telemarketing leads next week to ensure things will go out when they need to. The more you prepare, the more time you can dedicate to responding to customer questions and orders. Facebook has the ability to schedule in platform, but you can use third-party schedulers like buffer and hootsuite for platforms like twitter.

The holiday season is a great time to ask customers questions about their favorite memories, traditions, and other holiday behaviors. It’s also a great time to showcase employees, or other inner workings of your brand to make it more easy to relate with. When it comes time to sell, feature quality images and easy to use offers.

There are tons of fun ideas for posts that can be created and shared during the holidays

Here are a few ideas for unique content to add to your content calendar.

Contests: people love the chance of winning something, especially around the holidays. Come up with a fun contest that showcases your IS Lists products or services. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of social contests before posting.
Polls: twitter has an amazing feature that lets your post a poll about any topic in seconds. Have a weekly christmas themed poll that gets people involved and coming back to vote the next week.

Taco bell launched a campaign to ask for a taco emoji and its change.Org campaign had over 30,000 signatures for its request! Once the taco emoji finally arrived, taco bell took to social media. They created over 600 gifs and photos to celebrate the emoji’s arrival. Taco bell created the #tacoemojiengine, an engaging way to interact with its customers. And it’s still working today.


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