Oct 18, 2023
Is It OK to Remove Redirects After a Year

Even though the old links still point to the original page, they count for the page that was the redirect target for over a year. This is different from what SEOs believe. Have we been wrong this whole time? It’s not that I don’t believe Gary, but this is radically different from how SEOs thought redirects consolidated. Is It OK to seems crazy that signals could be consolidated to a different location than where a link points.

Let’s find out

If the way we understand redirect consolidation is wrong, it has massive implications for the SEO industry. Redirect recommendations One of the tactics executive email list that I always use with a new client is to redirect 404 pages that have links pointing to them. Domain buying This is a big one. The value of a domain can change a lot based on the links pointing to it. It’s certainly not something I want to take lightly. I’m already running another test, have a larger test planned if that pans out, and will likely do a study after that. Even though it’s not conclusive, it likely will hold true, and that’s why I want to share this now.

A lot Is It OK to

Buy domains that already have links from sites in the same niche. When they plan to launch a new website or redirect it to their current site. They hope that these old IS Lists links will help them rank better. Imagine if that value was no longer actually there. If the domain had been redirected for a year. Or more and the value permanently passed to a different domain, then that domain might be worth a lot less. Tools There’s also a massive impact on various tools like Ahrefs if the redirects do permanently pass value. We would need to change how we show links and domains.  I’m sure we’d also get a lot of questions when the. Redirects were removed, e.g., “Why do you still show these links. To this page when the other page no longer redirects?”

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