Mar 21, 2023
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In order to influence the purchasing decisions of customers and their general attitude towards the brand. Are you wondering how to use audiomarketing in your company? We will help you choose the right music! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Does it pay off? The high effectiveness of audiomarketing is confirme by numerous studies. For example, a Maison Research House survey showe that as many as 91% of people decide to shop in stores where music is playe.

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According to TNS OBOP, over 70% of consumers are willing to spend more if music is playing in a given service point. Audiomarketing creates a unique atmosphere in the premises, gives the products a unique character, and also positively affects UK Phone Number List the consumer experience. Music in shops and service premises stimulates sensory stimuli and emotions, stimulates thinking, relaxes and relaxes. The customer feels good in the store, spends more time there and is happy to come back. Properly applie audiomarketing can translate into.

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Increase in sales efficiency, improving the brand image, distinguishing the brand from the competition, building bonds with customers who will identify specific music with the brand. How to do good audiomarketing? The key is to match IS Lists the music to the character of the premises and the target group . In a gourmet restaurant, calm jazz playing in the background will be better, while in a shop with streetwear clothing for young people – energetic house or rap. It can bring great benefits.

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