Mar 25, 2023
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Comparative advertising contrary to the requirements of professional diligence is strictly prohibite. One that materially distorts or is likely to materially distort consumer behavior . However, the entrepreneur may free himself from this liability, for example by demonstrating that he exercise due diligence to prevent the tort of unfair practice. Any advertising practices that mislead potential customers are absolutely prohibite. Any type of comparative advertising that causes confusion between products, trademarks, trade names or other distinguishing marks of an entrepreneur and his competitor is considere a misleading practice.

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Thus, comparative advertising is misleading not only when it contains false information and is therefore untrue. It is also misleading when it controls the consumer’s behavior by presenting the competition’s goods in a way that is not entirely Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturers Email List consistent with reality or by properly selecting true information. All these dangers can be avoide – the recipe is your own, original, engaging advertising campaign. It will not only protect the company from possible problems, but also make it much more attractive in the eyes of recipients. How to profit from the sale of the company.

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Learn effective ways to increase brand and company value August 16, 2021 Customer acquisition How to profit from the sale of the company? Selling a company, regardless of industry or size, is a process. It is worth starting it with an assessment of the IS Lists entity’s value. We have many methods to choose from – comparative, income or property. The aspect of the potential investor’s assessment of the return on investment is very important here. Therefore, we must prove that our company has a high potential for return. However, there are several ways that will affect the value of the sold entity. So what to do to get a higher price when negotiating.

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