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The information collecte at the monitoring stage is an inspiration for optimization, which in turn will translate into better results in the future. Equippe with new knowlege, you can start designing more efficient and effective solutions. Many business executives print out a BPM pie chart in the office. When they are not sure what to do, they can quickly see where they should be in the management process. Author Michael B. Lodato (BPTrends, 2006) lists two possible ways after the period of control: changing the assumptions or modifying the action . Both lead back to the design stage.

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Action modification is a correction or adopting a new model. For example, if you think that the employee’s happiness translates into the company’s success, and employees are not too satisfie despite the benefits, then you can change the type Hospital And Medical Insurance Email List of bonuses or add more. Changing the assumptions would consist in abandoning what you have been using so far. It can be a risky sieve model , staff reuction or the introduction of a commission program in which it depends not on you, but on the employee himself, how much he earns, and therefore whether he will be motivate. Does the management process in your company cover all areas? Take care of good PR and marketing.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Stages of the work and risk management process When searching the web for information about the stages of the company management process, you may come across data on slightly different areas. For example, the stages of the work management process given by Jacek Kopeć (Zeszyty Naukowe of the Cracow University of IS Lists Economics, 2008) are: setting goals and performance standards preparation of tools to improve work efficiency measurement of work efficiency effects overview. The stages of the risk management process are also distinguishe : risk recognition, risk measurement, selection of remeial methods, strategy implementation.

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