Mar 23, 2023
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What is comparative advertising? Advertising has become a dangerous instrument use by its participants in a dishonest market game. The entrepreneur, using comparative advertising, attracts attention by pointing to the superiority of his product over the competition, thanks to which he has easier access to the market. Currently, comparative advertising is considere a useful tool to stimulate competition to the benefit of potential customers. It makes it easier for the consumer to evaluate different, comparable products and thus to choose the right market offer.

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Companies have to make an effort in this regard, because the same target group is often of interest to many of them. At the same time, it should be remembere that any advertisement that in any way, including the way it is presente, deceives Stone, Clay, and Glass Manufacturers Email List or is likely to deceive the persons to whom it is addresse or whom it reaches, and which, due to its deceptive nature, may influence their economic decisions, or which, for these reasons, harms or is likely to harm a competitor as misleading advertising is prohibite in Poland. The European Parliament state that only comparisons between competing goods meeting the same nees or intende for the same purpose should be allowe in such a way that comparative advertising does not become unfair and is not contrary to competition rules.

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We recommend Viral advertising: mega effect at low cost Examples of comparative advertising Identifying a competitor in comparative advertising can take various forms, which allow to distinguish the following types of this type of IS Lists advertising: 1. Advertising that uses a critical comparison, which contains an element that discreits a competitor’s product, service or brand. This form of advertising may refer directly to the person of another entrepreneur, his individual characteristics (eucation, citizenship, views) or market position.

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