Mar 23, 2023
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The second important issue is the choice of payment methods for purchases. Depending on the region of the world, buyers’ payment preferences can vary significantly. In Great Britain and France, customers prefer to pay with a debit card, in Germany online bank transfers are the most popular, and in the Netherlands consumers use the iDeal system. Choosing the right form of payment often determines the success of international sales.

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You should make shopping as convenient as possible for foreign customers. In the process of online expansion into new markets, also pay attention to: currencies – foreign customers prefer to pay in their currencies; some global payment service Home Furniture and Equipment Stores Email List providers allow you to sell products in different currencies; otherwise, use calculators that will automatically convert prices base on the latest exchange rates, cultural differences – attitudes and social norms differ depending on the region of the world, which you should remember when creating communication and marketing of your online store; thanks to this you will avoid an image crisis.

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Language versions of the store – it is best to create several language versions, taking care of the correct translation of the content; translations should be consulte with a native speaker who will detect possible errors and suggest which phrases IS Lists will work best in specific places on the website, service for foreign customers – international service can be a challenge, especially in the case of returns or complaints; ensure that employees are properly prepare to work with a foreign client; proficiency in a foreign language is essential. Expansion into new markets and foreign positioning Proper preparation of the website for online expansion into new markets is of great importance.

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