Oct 18, 2023
How to configure GA4

Ultimately ga4 should provide more data and details in a single interface to help marketers unearth insights faster. How to configure ga4 if you don’t have universal analytics on your site or mobile app already you can sign up to ga4 on analytics.google.com and follow the setup and code installation instructions. For those who are using universal analytics. To help you get set up with ga4. You can use the ga4 setup assistant which is found in the top center of the admin area in the bottom left corner of universal analytics. Simply click the setup assistant and depending on your analytics setup. Google will suggest that you link an existing universal analytics tracking code to ga4 or create a new ga4 and install the code separately.

These are known as data stream

Fig 1 ga4 setup assistant fig 1 ga4 setup assistant during setup. Ga4 will ask you to specify if you are tracking a website or mobile app. These are known as data streams: you can have one data stream new database feeing website data into ga4 and other data streams that fee your ios and android mobile app data into ga4. So remember to set up different data streams for your website and mobile apps where applicable. When complete. Ga4 will provide you with a different measurement id and tracking code for each of your data streams which you can use to link to your site and mobile app. Why choose dmi? Why is setting up ga4 important?

Measurement id tracking code

Measurement id tracking code if you’re setting up a new ga4 you’ll nee to add the tracking code to your website and also your mobile app if you have one. You can do this by installing the tracking code into the html of your website or by choosing the ga4 configuration tag and adding your ga4 measurement id in google tag manager if you use gtm. You don’t nee to add the tracking code in google tag manager. The measurement id number will suffice. Fig 3 ga4 in google tag manager fig 3 ga4 in google tag manager IS Lists when it comes to mobile app installations. It’s essential to install the correct ga4 measurement id tag on your website and mobile apps to unify the data in the ga4 interface. Your app developer will be able to help with the installation here. Audience signals once you have your code installe and you’re recording data.

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