Apr 13, 2023
How to check if your website is responsive

Sufficient free space around the various elements: this facilitates quick reading, which is especially essential for a mobile phone. Important content is easy to find: there is no nee to waste time browsing on a mobile phone and space is limite, so there should be no nee for unnecessary searching and flipping from page to page. To open the “Hamburger” menu, click on the icon marke with three lines. Why is it important to create a responsive website? There are several reasons why you should adopt a responsive template for your website: Google loves mobile versions of websites and considering that in 99.99% of cases we want search engines to find us, here is the answer to the question “why is a responsive website important?” It’s pointless to implement every possible.

A responsive site it makes your site

SEO tactic if you don’t match your website to the very first requirement of Google. Navigation on mobile devices and tablets is much easier on more database attractive, and it can become the deciding factor when choosing between your site and a competitor. The fact that you are using a responsive template is a testament to your attention to the nees of your site visitors. Responsive site helps make your image on the Internet more modern, up-to-date, always keeping up with the times.


A browser window and try

This allows you to save time and costs of content management, because there are no more different sites, but one site that also adapts to mobile IS Lists devices.? To see responsive solutions, do this simple test on your computer: open to reuce the size of the window. For this, you first nee to click on the icon with two squares in the upper right corner, and then you can either reuce or increase the size of the window by clicking and holding on the ege of the window with the mouse.

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