Oct 17, 2023
Holiday Shopping Trends Focus on Mobile

For years, “black friday” was a unique event with shopping, deals, extended hours, and added holiday staff. Now the sales have extended to an entire “shopping holiday” weekend. Stores are opening later in the day on thanksgiving after the turkey has been consumed. Deals extend throughout the four-day “shopping holiday” weekend and now include “shop local saturday” and “cyber monday.”

According to the national retail federation more than 122 million consumers planned to shop online on cyber monday. Thirty-two percent of those shoppers planned to use their mobile device for deal comparisons and purchases.

With the continued growth of online and mobile shopping during this time of year, mobile friendly e-commerce websites are a necessity for retailers wanting to maintain growth and stay competitive in the market place.

More people shopping from home

Techcruch reports that of the 3 billion dollars spent over the black friday weekend, 1 billion was from mobile. Continuing this trend, walmart.Com reported that 60% of the black friday orders were from mobile devices. Other leaders in this trend were amazon, target, and ebay.

All time high profits
The profits for online shopping this phone number list season have been record breaking, shooting past 3 billion dollars for the first time, according to adobe.

I am curious, how did you do with online sales this year? What plans do you have for improving for 2017? I would love to hear your successes and your struggles with this year’s shopping season. Maybe we can partner to make 2017 an even larger success.

The single most distinguishing factor that all live videos

Have is the possibility that anything could happen. Maybe during your video the conversation leads to some interesting ideas or maybe something funny happens. You can also engage with your audience by asking for feedback. So the next time you have an idea you want to try out, ask your viewers for their thoughts. Their comments could provide valuable feedback; this also let’s your audience see that you value their opinion.

Once you’ve completed your facebook IS Lists live session, the video is posted on your page. This is a great way to build your page with helpful information for future visitors. You also have the ability to boost videos once the live broadcast has completed. This will increase the reach of your video and encourage people to tune into your next video.

See you on facebook
The benefits of going live on facebook are only limited by the creativity you put into your videos. Facebook live should be an extension of your business’s personality. Whether your focused on entertaining, educating, or enticing your audience, live streaming your content could be the future of your video content production.

If you have any questions about going live, feel free to contact our office at any time. You can also check out our weekly facebook live show on the keymedia solutions facebook page. We go live every friday at 10 am to answer any questions you might have about online marketing. Check out last week’s episode below.

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