Oct 21, 2023
Get more traction for your products on social

Get a review ecommerce marketing tips & best practices: customer reviews & testimonials a bunch of positive customer reviews and testimonials can do wonders for your business with customers helping others decide to purchase your products. According to brightlocal. 91% of consumers say they are more likely to use a company with positive reviews. The same study shows that the average customer reads at least ten reviews before deciding that your company is the one they want to buy from. The key here is to spend your marketing time getting reviews from customers.


You might offer a bigger discount


 You can do it with: offering a discount on their country email list next purchase when they leave a review and verify it with you sending an email reminder to leave a review a day or two after delivery make leaving reviews simple with easy website navigation or clear links in your emails the brightlocal study also found that 70% of customers use reviews from multiple sites to inform their decision. So avoid focusing all your efforts on your website. You might offer a bigger discount if a customer reviews your business or product on two or three sites instead of just one.


Sell your products cross-posting your products

 For example. A great opportunity to drive customers to IS Lists  leave reviews is by adding a call to action at the bottom of your receipts. You can easily customize the receipt template for your business through receiptmakerly . Sell your products cross-posting your products to your site improves the shopping experience and suggests other products that your customers might be interest in. In other words. It could trigger extra sales beyond what a customer had initially plann to purchase. On each product page. You can add a section of higher pric items or products that work together with that specific product.



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