Oct 18, 2023
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Certificate of conduct from the current school. SIAGIE website report card Copy of the student’s ID or birth certificate Copy of the DNI of the father, mother, relative or guardian. In the case of private schools, these may have other additional requirements , due to the internal regulations that govern the institution. These would be some of them: Copy of the student’s vaccination card. Photocopy of the registration payment receipt from the new school. A letter of recommendation from a teacher or principal of the school in which you are currently enroll.

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Transcript of grades from the last year of studies at the current school. Requirements may vary, so this list can give you an idea of ​​what you should take into consideration. Svg e how to make a school transfer request? Discover how to make a school transfer request in just a few steps. To begin with, it is essential to make a written request document address to the director in order to request the respective transfer. This must include business lead the reasons for the transfer , the name and address of the school to which the student wishes to transfer , as well as other relevant information.

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 It is important that in the application you enter the same degree that was register in your registration of the same year at the IE of origin. On the other hand, it is recommend that the school the student wishes to attend has IS Lists an ucational program equivalent to that of the institution in which he or she is currently enroll. Once the transfer request is made, 48 calendar hours must pass to receive a response. To do this, the authority, by means of a directorial resolution, will deliver the necessary documents to make the transfer valid.

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