Mar 22, 2023
Feeback And The Ability To Extinguish Fires

When organizing a party with a DJ or a drummer, it is worth asking them about unconventional ideas that will surprise your employees. One of the traditional games is dancing around the chairs. It may seem trite, but people like to play a game they’ve already playe. Traditional chairs will certainly cheer up many participants. What is it all about? Chairs are place in the middle of the room – one less than the number of participants. The players dance around the chairs to the rhythm of the music playe by the band. When the music stops, they have to sit on the chairs as soon as possible.

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The person for whom there is not enough space is eliminate. One chair is remove in the next round. The game continues until there are two people and one seat left on the dance floor. Integration dance games can take the form of a dance competition. Volunteers Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia pair up. A jury is selecte from the remaining guests to evaluate the performances of the contestants. Participants dance to the rhythms playe by the music band. The game is divide into several rounds. All players participate in the first one. After each one or more pairs fall off. The best two pairs go to the finals.

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One of them will be the winner after presenting its final performance. commplace. You can also organize a competition in a group form if you want our employees to work even more on communication with each other. Groups of 5-6 people have IS Lists to put together a short choreography within 15 minutes to a preetermine song. Then each team presents its layout to the jury, which evaluates the performance with notes from 1 to 10. The team with the most points wins. We recommend Integration event for employees – how to organize it well? Ideas for integration dance games with prizes Integration dance games are a great form of fun for both employees and employers.

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