Mar 22, 2023
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It is time for the company to contact the selecte candidates (usually by e-mail or phone) in order to invite them to interviews (face to face or online). During the interview, the recruiter presents the candidate with the details of cooperation, talks about the company and the scope of duties. In addition, she asks him questions about his experience, qualifications and motivation to work. This is also the time for preliminary knowlege or skills tests. You can use gamification elements for this . After the interview, the candidate should receive information about the result of the recruitment process. We recommend Employer branding and recruitment marketing.

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The employer makes an offer to the selecte candidate. The candidate can negotiate terms of employment during this time. The last stage of the recruitment process is signing the contract. Adaptation of employees – do it effectively Bulk SMS Ukraine January 10, 2022 Employer branding Effective adaptation of employees, or what? According to reports, over 90% of employees stay in the company for longer if the employer took care of professional onboarding at the beginning of cooperation. What is employee adaptation and how to carry it out? What is employee adaptation? Employee adaptation goals Stages of employee adaptation What is employee adaptation.

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Adaptation, or employee onboarding , is much more than signing the appropriate documents or other formalities relate to employment. It is a process of introducing new people into the functioning of the company. A kind of help in acclimatizing IS Lists employees in a new company. What are the specific goals of introducing employees to the secrets of its operation? Is your company short of talent? It’s time to implement effective employer branding! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Employee adaptation goals The overriding goal of adaptation is the fastest and most effective introduction of new employees to the company.

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