Mar 25, 2023
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We recommend portfolio analysis It is worth conducting analyzes of the attractiveness of the entire market not only now, but also in the future. In this way, you will check whether your communication strategy , methods of operation and goals give prospects. The second component of this step is the analysis of the company’s competitiveness against others on a given market. The factors that determine the attractiveness of the market include, for example, its growth rate, size, and achievable income . Factors determining the company’s potential include, for example, recognition, reputation or offer.

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You can change them over time, adapting the company to the realities of the market. Your company has potential – use it! Check how we can help you with this. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to use McKinsey analysis If you want to prepare the entire McKinsey analysis, all you have to do is give a certain weight to individual aspects of the market Nursing Homes Email List or the company’s functioning. You will receive a result that will allow you to determine whether the attractiveness of the market and competitive position is: high, low or meium. On such a graph, you nee to superimpose the 9 fields characteristic of the McKinsey matrix. Each of them defines a different strategy propose as an ideal solution in a given situation.

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These strategies are: transitional, withdrawals, growth. If it turns out that your company can adopt a growth strategy, it means that it is worth investing in its development and implementing sales support. Perhaps not today, but in the end the expenses IS Lists on innovation, building customer awareness or expansion will pay off. This explains why many corporations are investing heavily in seemingly unimportant industries. This was the case, for example, with Uber, which for years develope a seemingly hopeless project, which in 2016 brought it almost a billion dollars a year in losses.

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