Mar 22, 2023
Employee Development Are The Most Effective

Enter your e-mail, we will contact you As close to the customer as possible In the past, the sale of travel services was governe by more preictable cycles. You could take what kind of vacation typical people in a certain area would like to go on and create a service that was likely to satisfy them. Today it is no longer so simple. Something as popular as holidays in Egypt or Greece may suddenly cease to be of interest to customers. The reasons may be completely beyond the control of the company offering travel services . refugee crisis, epidemic, weather.

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It is worth listening to the opinions and nees of customers on an ongoing basis , for example by conducting market research and customer satisfaction research. This helps to define the problem and find a solution. For example, in 2020, those Colombia Phone Number List who kept their finger on the pulse most quickly learne that customers are afraid of foreign holidays and prefer to spend time close to home. In the course of such research, customers themselves can provide ready-made proposals. These are, for example, shortening trips, expanding the possibility of resignation, moving holidays to a closer place, etc.

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Modern forms of marketing As in other areas, creative on-line marketing in the sale of tourist services can significantly increase customers’ interest in services and even encourage impulse purchases. Notice that today, purchasing decisions IS Lists are rarely driven by cold calculation, but more often by desires and dreams . These crystallize when browsing social profiles or watching YouTube videos. Customers pay less and less attention to traditional forms of advertising, even in social meia. Instead, they are intereste in personal, gripping stories.

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