Oct 17, 2023
Download our Mobile Whitepaper

Looking to take a deeper dive into the ins and outs of mobile marketing? If so, downloading our whitepaper is your next step. Our digital specialists worked to create a single document that outlines the top trends in mobile marketing.

All of our whitepapers are free to download and are sent directly to your inbox. You can download this whitepaper by filling out the form below or by checking out the mobile page on our website.

Every friday morning we go live on facebook for a quick

Show to answer questions and highlight news in the advertising industry. We discuss topics such as new technology and updates to popular platforms. This is also a place where we encourage people to ask their questions.

If you have questions about mobile telephonelists.biz reviews marketing, spend your morning break with us at 10 am on facebook. Just comment your questions and our hosts will answer your question live on the show.

You can also check out our youtube channel where we post all of our past episodes. We recently started to include bonus tips at the end of our live show that you can only view on youtube.

Check out last week’s episode where ashley, luke, and tobaria discuss social media updates and new audio marketing.

I’ve laid out a lot of information that you can start using right away without spending a dime

The last resource that I’ll share is us, keymedia solutions. We’re here to help you with all of your questions. Visit our website and take a look around at all our services.

If you have questions about anything IS Lists you see on our site, feel free to contact us at any time.

Don’t forget, if you’re in the rapid city area, make sure to register for our next training event by filling out the form below.

Mobile programmatic ad buying
Mobile devices are used more today than ever before. Why is this? Mobile devices offer us more freedom to access the information we deem as vital in our lives. We have the ability to stay connected with friends and family while also being able to tap into an endless stream of information through the internet.

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