Mar 22, 2023
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On this occasion, you can also organize, for example, culinary workshops for companies that are your business partners. The combination of breaking the record with a charity campaign will add originality, which will certainly be a tribute to the community. An example can be a florist trying to break the record in the number of arrange bouquets, which will then decorate the spaces of nearby hospitals or centers for the elderly and disable. Breaking the record together for the 20th anniversary of the company is an amazing integration of employees in the spirit of team building, as well as the opportunity to strengthen relations with clients.

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What are some unconventional ideas for other industries? Companies in the service industry can bet on breaking the record for the longest, uninterrupte provision of the offere service. For example, bookstores can organize a reading aloud Israel Phone Number List marathon, IT companies – a programming marathon, fitness clubs – a zumba or aerobics marathon, and dance schools – a tango marathon. We recommend Does an integration meeting make sense? The 3 most important elements in breaking the record for the 20th anniversary of the company If we decide to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary in such an unusual way.

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We should remember about 3 important issues that require proper refinement and planning. Idea Breaking the Guinness World Record is not the most important element of celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary. It is rather IS Lists a form of integration and, above all, involvement of everyone around a common idea. It’s great fun, and at the same time showing values ​​to your clients, which clearly communicate that the company is open to unconventional ideas and is full of ambition and creativity. Implementation Organizing an official Guinness World Record break involves certain formal requirements.

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