Mar 23, 2023
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At the same time, the purchase proceure itself should be relatively unnoticeable for the customer. The answer to this is the growing interest in subscription sales. Types of subscription sales Automatic payment – a condition for the success of subscription sales Good practices in subscription sales Subscription trading is not a new phenomenon. This business model comes from the turn of the 9th and 20th centuries and the sale of press publications.

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The subscription model is where customers become members of a club of people using specific products or services. Importantly, membership is paid automatically in certain cycles. Currently, it is the most important e-commerce trend, on which giants Manufacturing Email List build their empires and smaller players a competitive advantage. The subscription model is companies’ response to consumer trends . I relate to the trend of interoperability, where customers can use certain resources without having to own them exclusively and ultimately. It is especially applicable where share resources have a relatively high price and are unavailable to a wide audience.

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Therefore, the target group of customers, which are subscribers, is becoming more and more numerous. Types of subscription sales We distinguish two basic types of subscription sales. Which we differentiate according to the type of payment: Subscriptions IS Lists paid “in advance”, where the subscription amount is fixe and unchangeable, and the customer receives the ordere goods or services only after paying the fee and for as long as he pays the subscription. This model is mainly use in the case of the sale of intangible goods, software and the sale of services, training and training, as well as streaming music or movies. Subscriptions paid in arrears, where the amount of the subscription depends on the value of the ordere products or services.

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