Oct 25, 2023
Could it be said that Pedro is looking for a job with motivation?

Come on, it’s already eight thirty, and you’re always late for the course.” Pedro got up reluctantly as he almost always did. He had a really hectic day: FPO sales techniques course, IT at the youth employment center, English at the academy and an appointment with the counselor who was trying to “convince” him that he should try to clarify his professional life. 3 years studying competitions for administrative assistant of the Junta de Andalucía was a good attempt. 

And a little expensive. Thank goodness his family supported him one hundred percent, as he said. Many things have happened in his life: a little of this, a little of that. While he was drinking coffee and toast with oil, he thought that for 31-year-old people, work was very bad. “Well, mom, I’m cool.” “What time are you coming back? You already know that later you don’t like stale rice.

Could it be said that

A simple observation reveals several important aspects: that he has not defined a clear professional objective, so he does not have specific interests that encourage the search; that he doesn’t need money, since it seems that his family covers much of his expenses; and that he is not uncomfortable executive data living with his parents, although he complains from time to time with his small mouth. The counselor must carry out this motivational analysis without presuppositions and based on what Pedro does rather than what he says.

Does what I did seem small to you? 

The job search course that Natalia is taking is finding it especially rewarding. Her colleagues are very nice and she has learned everything she needs to know to look for a job. In addition, this way she has an excuse to get up in the morning, and going to the course is much more pleasant than looking for a job while wandering around the city.

Her small experience as an assistant in the clinic of a friend of her sister’s for 4 months has allowed her to have a better resume than that of her friends and at 21 years old she is going to take on the world. When she finished the course she carried out a massive “mail attack” on, exactly, 786 clinics IS Lists throughout Spain. She has mailed them all an exactly identical cover letter and resume, except that she has put the name of each clinic on the envelope and on the letter. She hopes many will call her. Work life begins and her motivation and spirit are through the roof.

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