Mar 25, 2023
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Sponsorship refers to activities that bring positive effects to both parties. Charitable giving of funds to another person or company does not appear here. Instead, a business relationship is establishe between two independent partners. Both parties should clearly define their goals and specify them at the beginning of the cooperation. The first and basic rule when implementing PR sponsorship is to define strategic goals and values. It cannot be base on individual beliefs, tastes or emotions. Effective public relations requires specific plans and actions.

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The company should carefully and consciously choose the entities it wants to support financially. Most often they are relate to sports. However, this choice must be consistent with the given brand and business profile. You can also be intereste Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Email List in sponsoring entities in the field of culture, ecology or socially responsible activities. Sponsorship affects the image of the company due to the transfer of emotions from the entity to the brand. The chain of positive associations built in this way is a very effective marketing tool. We recommend Building a personal brand on the example of athletes How does sponsorship manifest itself in PR.

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Depending on the company’s profile, sponsorship can take various forms. The scope of funding may concern social activities, such as eucation and environmental protection, or entertainment – sports, culture and art. Sponsorship itself can be both one-time and long-term. Cooperation between the entity and the enterprise may be IS Lists conclude for various periods. The geographic scope of the sponsorship is also unlimite. Depending on the expecte purpose, it can be use at the local level, but it is also possible to act nationwide or even internationally. An important feature of sponsorship is also its form. While direct funding is one of the most popular methods, it is not the only one.

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