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Pattern Preview : allows you to activate a preview of what the pattern will look like, with the possibility of modifying the object and updating the preview in real time. The latest updates are from June, but they are worth mentioning:
1. Improved user interface , thanks to a different layout of the panels. 2. New editing tools , such as composing images to create a panorama and the “Blemish Removal” option. The new version of Illustrator for iPad offers many additional resources and features, as does the new desktop version:

OFFLINE Cloud Documents

Recolor Artwork (the new “Recolor Artwork” function ): this tool already existed, but has been email List improved. It allows you to change entire color themes with a single click , to recolor a graphic by choosing a range of colors, even totally different from the original. The improvement changed the initial interface of the tool (it’s a new window) and introduced the use of color themes (identifying the main colors of an image). Now you can select target colors directly from a photograph. There is the possibility of making recent documents saved in the cloud available for use offline, as for Photoshop.

Glyph Snapping and Alignment :

Smart Guides have been improved with the IS Lists  addition of the “Glyph Snapping” option to align objects with text and glyphs. Maybe it seems like a small thing, but in reality it is very useful.Text Wrap: This existing tool flows text around a graphic element. The improvement lies in the automatic identification of the subject to which the text must surround.Content review: New tools have been added to documents sent for review, such as the ability to insert, strikethrough and highlight text. Find/Replace Colors: InDesign’s find/replace feature has always been wonderful! It allows you to set multiple parameters for both search and replacement. The color option has been added , which allows you to find all objects of a certain color and automatically replace them with a different color.

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