Oct 17, 2023
Build your own Marketing Funnel

The stories are most often put together by scammers trying to make a quick buck. Every time someone falls for the fake headline and clicks through, the site gets money from advertisers. Fake news has always been around, but the use of social media and a politically divided nation created to perfect atmosphere for publishers to cash in on the gullible. Some critics have even expressed concern (but haven’t proven) that fake news helped sway the election, as many people were blinded by fake information heading into the polls.

Fortunately, the problem escalated to a high enough degree that people are demanding that things change soon. Google has announced that its advertising tools will no longer be available to websites that promoted fake news. “

Moving forward, we will restrict ads serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher’s content, or the primary purpose of the web property,” a google spokesperson said in a recent statement. This move will vastly impact the ad revenue these sites can earn, and will hopefully lessen the amount of stories and sites created.

Facebook who is under a lot of public scrutiny for allowing

Announced that it will also remove ads on fake news sites. In addition, zuckerberg outlined different ways facebook hopes to eliminate misinformation on the site including:

Stronger detection measures
Easy reporting of fake stories by users
Third party verification by fact-checking organizations
Adding warnings or flagging false phone lists free stories by third parties or the facebook community
Nothing is set in stone yet, but the anger of the public and critics should be motivation for solutions to be implemented quickly.

There is also one other party that can help stop the spread of fake news, and that’s you. Although its no user’s sole responsibility to fact-check every news story in their social feed, you can mark fake stories as spam. Staying aware and doing a minute of research before sharing an article can save you from looking silly to your friends and family and will help combat the problem of fake news.

If you’re an advertiser you can vote with your dollars and only show ads on real news sites

Let’s all work together and take down the crappy content lurking on our beloved internet.

Stage goal: the goal during this stage differs from the awareness stage as we want them to give us that first yes. The first yes could be any IS Lists action that signifies interest in your company. Signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a whitepaper would be an example.

Ad message: the third thing you should focus on is the ad message that will have a stronger call-to-action (cta). The cta in these ads should ask them to take an action for more information. The cta in the awareness stage will simply ask them to visit the website to learn more.
Once the customer meets this stage goal they enter the action stage. As the name suggests, when a customer enters the final level of the marketing funnel the goal is to direct them to make a purchase.

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