Oct 12, 2023
Do you dream of billing without having to work more?

Do you consider that the problem in your business is that you do not have info products or programs? Well we have to talk. Not because some of the formats that can be considered passive without having income do not work or are interesting for you. Are you seduced by the idea of ​​passive income?

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But because I think it is necessary that we manage expectations well so that we do not become disappointed later. And out there, the topic of passive income is sold as “el dorado”, that is, as the executive data solution to all the problems. And it makes me very angry. So, without further delay, here I tell you the 4 big myths of passive income. Selling your own products on Amazon.

An Amazon reselling business is not very passive. I have already said it on other occasions. You have to be continually attentive to the opportunities that arise in order to take advantage of them. Your ability to buy cheap translates directly to your profits. That is why for some time we have been investing relevant amounts. It is a considerable amount but I see it as feasible. 

Marketing school

Watch it first and let’s talk later in the comments. Mentions made in the video: business program My book “The Life I Want” .according to my opinion and experience from the years I have been in this sector. Are they the best schools? That will depend on the type of school you IS Lists are looking for and the specialization. But yes, they are highly recognized institutions in the world of digital marketing and they will provide you with high-quality training.

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